Setting Your Network SSID (IgniteNet)

            Naming your Network

            The most important step in setting up your guest WiFi - giving it a name that will let your customers know it’s yours!

            This name is known as the SSID (Service Set Identifier)

            Before you complete these steps, make sure you have completed the Initial Billing Setup

            1. Within the Ignite Net controller, head to the ‘sites’ tab then choose ‘sites’, then click the ‘edit’ button beside the network you wish to change the SSID of.

            2. Now from the ‘site menu’ choose ‘configuration’

            3. Once here, you will now see your SSIDs.

            4. To edit one, simply tap the green pencil and you will be shown the option to do so.

            Updated: 13 Sep 2018 12:51 AM
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