Setting up Your UniFi Integration (Cloud Key)

            Before setting up with a cloud key you will need to forward port 8443 to the internal IP of the cloudkey to allow us to talk directly to the cloud key via a static IP/Hostname. The IP addresses which we need to access it from are and

            Find out how to create a static IP or hostname here.

            This section shows you how to add your existing UniFi devices to the Connect dashboard, therefore, using UniFi device to broadcast the BLACKBX guest WiFi solution

            1. Within the connect portal navigate to your profile in the top middle and select  ‘Integrations’

            2. Now, select ‘UniFi’

            3. Click on ‘Add Controller’ and you’ll be presented with your UniFi login page where you need to enter your hostname, username and password.

            don’t include ‘https://’ at the beginning of the hostname URL

            i.e. ‘’ = ‘

            4. Hit ‘Save’ to save your details.

            5. Now head over to the ‘Setup’ tab of the location you wish to integrate with and select the site and timeouts for the location.

            6. Now navigate to your actual UniFi controller and to the settings section of the wireless network you are using for guests. Check the ‘Apply Guest Policies’ box.

            7. Our integration fills out the guest control settings automatically when the controller is added within Connect. It should look something like this.

            Updated: 6 days ago
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