Setting up a Hybrid (paid) Network

            You may want to charge for access to your WiFi network or, operate on the basis of free for x amount of use, then paid thereafter.
            For this to work, you must have your business details inputted to Connect

            1. Select the location you wish to do this for in the navigation bar.

            2. When choosing what type (Free, Paid or Hybrid) of network to operate select ‘Hybrid’ button then Save.

            3. Navigate to ‘Wi-Fi --> Payment Setup’. This is where you create payment plans and choose how to be paid.

            4. Select the amount of data in MB you will give for free before a user is prompted to purchase a plan

            To give you ideas about what your limit could be:


            Data Consumption

            One hour of web browsing

            10- 25 MB

            Download a document


            One hour of Facebook


            30 minutes of streaming on YouTube


            1 hour of music streaming (Spotify/ online radio)


            Download a movie

            1 - 4GB

            5. You now have to create some plans (a plan is a subscription to WiFi you are selling; what you charge and for how long is totally up to you). Select the green ‘New’ button at the top right

            6. You’ll now be presented with the following screen to complete

            Fill in the details
            • Plan Name - We’d recommend naming it the duration of the plan
            • Duration - Set in hours
            • Price - ex VAT 
            • Devices per payment - how many individual devices someone can have as part of the plan i.e. 3 would mean that one customer can have two phones and one tablet.


            You can set it to pay for as little as 1 hour right up to several years! Here are some handy figures:

            • 1 week =  168 hours
            • 1 month = 730 hours
            • 1 year = 8760 hours

            Updated: 17 Sep 2018 07:00 PM
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