Here you can choose to receive notifications from Connect via email and also within the notification tab in Connect, which can be accessed by clicking the bell icon. These notifications can be based on specific events:

            1.Log into the Connect Portal with your existing username and password.

            2.Click on your profile in the top right and select  ‘Settings’

            3. Choose ‘Notifications’ on the left hand side, you’ll then be able to choose from a list of notifications to receive.

            Insight: Choose to receive notifications regarding the reports for your venue(s) on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and/or bi-monthly basis.

            Location: Receive a notification when your location becomes online or goes offline.

            Nearly Online: This section covers the splash page, so you can be notified when a user connects, registers, validates or a new payment is made (if you charge for WiFi).

            Billing: This setting notifies you when a billing error occurs, an invoice is ready for you, or a reminder for your card to expire.

            Reviews: Get a notification when someone leaves a review for your venue.

            Feature Vote: This allows you to see when your requested feature is approved and completed.

            Updated: 23 Dec 2018 11:20 PM
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