Marketing Reports

            Within the Marketing suite, you’re able to access reports, allowing you to measure the performance of individual campaigns and and your campaigns as a whole.

            Location Campaigns Overview

            This report will show the total metrics for all campaigns run on a single location.

            1. Navigate to the the ‘insight’ tab from the navigation menu and choose ‘campaigns’, whilst you have the location you would like to view them for selected.

            2. Here, you see a graph and boxes to the left. This shows:

            - total conversion i.e. unique return users as a result of all campaigns
            - average conversion rate
            - email conversion rates
            - sms conversion rates
            - number of credits used
            - number of emails and SMS sent
            - total credits available

            3. You can see how your conversion measures against industry averages below.

            4. Below this, you can see the campaign logs. Here you can see exactly who your message has been sent to and when. You will also see the location and campaign that triggered the message.

            This information can be exported into a .csv file.

            Individual Campaign Reports

            This section let’s you look into the metrics for a specific campaign.

            1.Select Experience → Campaigns

            2. Under ‘campaigns’ you can view all your campaigns and, at a glance; conversion, number of return users, and credits used.

            3.To drill deeper, click on the campaign name to be shown a graph, using the same format as the overview section.

            You will also be shown the location where this campaign is active, as well as a preview of the message you will be sending.

            Updated: 13 Sep 2018 09:07 PM
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