Ligowave Setup Guide

            1. Log into the Ligowave infinity controller and choose ‘Hotspot profiles’ from the menu on the left.

            2) Select ‘Add hotspot profile’.

            Under Radius copy the following:

            NAS ID: NFT

            Primary server:

            Secondary server:

            Server secret: bxsecret

            Authentication port: 1812

            Accounting port: 1813

            Wispr can be left blank

            Under Captive portal enter the following:

            Splash page type: External

            Portal secret: anything memorable

            Login URL:*serial* (how to find your serial)

            All other fields can be left blank.

            Security and Network can be left blank.

            Under White/Blacklist enter the following:



            Blacklist: any sites you don’t want guests to access

            Network groups can be left blank

            3) Save the hotspot profile and head to the ‘Networks’ tab. The guest network type has to be set to ‘mini hotspot’. If your existing network is set to this then great, if not it will need to be changed.

            4) Head to the ‘Wireless’ tab under the network and click on the SSID you would like to use for guests.

            Under the General tab enter the following:

            Security mode: UAM

            Hotspot profile: the one you just created

            Everything else can be set up to your own specification.

            5) Finally, head to the Connect dashboard then the Wi-Fi > Radius setup tab for this location. Here enter the serial you created in step 2.

            6) You’re done! The SSID will now begin redirecting to the login screen which is set up under this site in the dashboard.

            Updated: 11 Jun 2019 10:27 PM
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