Identifying Abusive Users

            Identifying Abusive Users

            Unfortunately, there are people out there who will try to take advantage of businesses’ free WiFi.

            Yes, we know. Hard to believe.

            But what exactly is an abusive user? Another - not so polite - term for these characters is “Bandwidth Hog”. This is typically someone using a video streaming service, which will use around 1GB per hour or be watching HD videos, which will use around 3GB per hour.
            Got a Bandwidth Hog on your network and need to shut ‘em down? Here’s what to do:

                 1. Select the location you wish to investigate.

                  2. Select your desired time range at the top (we’d recommend selecting as long a range as possible to spot the abusers)

                 3. Click on ‘Insight’, then ‘People’

                4. The data set will be presented in columns & rows - click on ‘USAGE D/U’ to filter by the amount of data someone is using

                  5. Now, to revoke that person’s access at your location,
              1. Click on their email address

              2. Click on ‘Devices’

              3. Click on the 'block' link. Do the same to unblock them



            You can prevent WiFi abusers by:

            Operating a schedule (e.g. Make your guest WiFi only available when the shop is open)
            Operating a hybrid (free/paid) network, so users get x number data in mb usage for free then have to pay. This is great, as it also provides a revenue stream to your business, too!
            Watch out for suspicious behaviour (people outside on their phones), check for devices connecting and matching up with this suspicious behaviour, then un-authorise their device! Victory!

            Updated: 12 Nov 2018 12:42 AM
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