Data Ownership

            BLACKBX is a Data Controller and Data Processor. Our product collects data which is then used by our product for various marketing activities. You can also export the data.

            Once exported and stored locally or in another 3rd party system you are responsible for managing compliance across your different data processing platforms i.e. if using MailChimp to send marketing campaigns with data collected by BLACKBX & someone unsubscribes on that platform you must then contact us to remove them from your instance of BLACKBX.

            If you stop the service then request the data once our ties are severed we wouldn't be able to provide it to you however... If while under contract with us you export the data you become the Data Controller in your own right.

            In summary, as long as you export the data while under contract with us then it's yours to keep and be wholly responsible for from a compliance standpoint.

            If you need to know more about how this works feel free to get in touch:


            And for more information on what Data Controllers and Processors are, please refer to the ICO website

            Updated: 06 Nov 2018 11:14 PM
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