Data and Marketing Opt Out

            This report shows info regarding the number of people who have opted out of data capture and/or marketing from your business. Data opt out covers users who have chosen not to share their data with you. This will also opt this user out of marketing by default. Marketing opt out covers users who have opted out of receiving marketing messages but still consent to data capture.

            Once a user has opted in once they will never be asked again and if they opt out they will be asked to opt in the next time they connect.

            1. Select the location you wish to access this report for

            2. Select “Analytics” → “Customers”.

            3. Now choose the time frame you wish to look at data from.

            4. Once a time frame has been chosen, the reports below will change to show opt-in and out information based on this.

            Updated: 11 Jun 2019 04:41 AM
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