Creating a Zap

            A Zap is when data is pushed from one application to another via Zapier; the push is triggered by an event taking place. In the case of BLACKBX, it will push a user's information from BLACKBX to another application, triggered by one of the following events:

            • New Connection (triggered by a user connecting to a location)

            • New registration (triggered when a new user registers)

            Creating a Zap is very simple and the user experience with Zapier is fantastic at walking you through the process. For the purpose of this guide we’re going to create a zap between BLACKBX and MailChimp.

            1. Make sure you are logged into Zapier.

            2. Log into your Connect Dashboard and on the navigation panel at the top of the page, click the integrations tab.

            3. Near the Zaiper icon, click add integration.

            4.  A pop up will appear discussing what Zapier does. Click the ‘Start Zapier now’.

            5. You’ll be presented with this screen - click the ‘Create this Zap’ button!

            6. Choose what event you want to cause the trigger and select ‘Save & Continue’

            7. Click ‘Connect Account’, which will open up a new window asking you to authorise the app to use your account. Select ‘Yes’.


            BLACKBX will now appear in the Zapier window, hit ‘Save & Continue’.

            8. Now, use the drop-down presented to pick your location.

            Hit ‘Continue’.

            9. You’ll now be asked to test this step. You can say yes to this or skip the test. You’ll be presented next with a big orange button saying ‘continue’.

            10. You’ll now be prompted to add an action step by clicking the blue link.

            11. Now, choose the app you want to push to (over 750 available!) in the search bar.

            12. Select the action you want to be performed and hit ‘Save + Continue’.

            13. Now you have to connect the action account (Mailchimp in this example). Click the ‘Connect an Account’ button.

            This will open a new window for you to input your login details for the action app.

            Put these in, then go back to Zapier and select ‘Save + Continue’.

            14. Now it’s going to ask you to fill in particulars of what you want to happen.

            Choose what you want and hit ‘Continue’.

            15. It will now want to test the Zap. Hit ‘Create & Continue’.

            16. It will come back as test successful! Hit ‘Finish’.

            Now, switch it on!

            Updated: 11 Jun 2019 06:50 PM
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