Content Filtering

            A popular feature of BLACKBX is content filtering. By having this option enabled, it is impossible for your customers to access illegal and morally questionable content online, for example, pornography, torrent websites and extremist material. This service is accredited by Friendly WiFi.

            Friendly WiFi is a government-initiated safe certification standard for public WiFi. The Friendly WiFi symbol tells you where the service meets minimum filtering standards – particularly in areas where children are present.

            Approved venues and locations worldwide displaying the Friendly WiFi symbol, have proved their service blocks access to pornography, images and videos of child sexual abuse and web pages known by the Internet Watch Foundation to host indecent images of children.

            This certification means you can know for sure. Your online experience is safe. Your customers are safe.

            To find out more, visit:

            How to include content filtering at your location.

            Content filtering comes as standard on Medium and Large subscriptions and is available as an addon to the LITE plan; here is how to include it on your plan:

            1. In your dashboard, click on your profile in the top right and select ’Billing’.

            2. Select the subscription you would like to add this to by navigating to ‘Subscriptions’, then viewing the one you wish to add it to:

            3. You’ll be taken to the subscription screen and now you have two options:

            Choose an Addon

            1. Tick the content filtering checkbox

            2. Select ‘Update Subscription’ in the bottom right.

            Upgrade your plan

            1. Click on the ‘Plan’ drop-down menu and select your desired plan

            Select ‘Update Subscription’ in the bottom right.

            Updated: 13 Sep 2018 08:59 PM
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