This is what it’s all about, capturing your customer's information, so you can provide a more tailored service and promote loyalty!

            1. Select the location you wish to access this report for

            2. Select ‘Experience → Capture’

            3. Choose from the list what information you’d like to capture about your customers

            4. Choose if you want Email Validation (you do, because this means you’ve got the right email address and also, once someone has validated, they will login automatically on each visit!)

            5. Set Validation Timeout. This is the time customers can spend online before they are removed from the network if they haven't validated (we’d recommend putting a note on your splash screen telling them to check their emails and validate).
            Please note the email validation timeout is only available for mikrotik sites 

            6. Hit Save

            Updated: 23 Dec 2018 10:53 PM
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